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Simply put? Starseeds are people who have reincarnated on Earth during this time to assist with the planetary ascension process. They are called "starseeds" because their souls were "planted" here (on purpose) from other galaxies, stars and planets with a sole mission in mind. Some say that starseeds are simply beacons of higher frequency that are helping to anchor the new energies into the Earth just by BEing here. The energies of a starseed raise the vibrations of everyone around them by infiltrating the lower density Earthly realm with their higher energies and consciousness, effectively creating a massive increase of energy and unconditional love.

Many starseeds have a "clear knowing" of not originating from this planet. Most do not understand the behaviors of human beings and have a hard time fitting in. They feel a longing for a home they cannot remember and experience a sadness when looking at the stars. Some starseeds ARE lucky enough to remember previous lifetimes on other planets. It is my belief that as time goes on, more and more starseeds will begin to remember. This will, in turn, activate their missions while they are here. Starseeds play many different roles and have many different missions.  Some include: 

  • Gridworkers and Gatekeepers 

  • The Divine Lightkeepers

  • The Transmuters

  • The Healers

  • The Seers       

  • The Divine Blueprint Holders

To read more about these different roles, click here. You may only be one or several.

  • The Dreamers

  • The Messengers

  • The Manifestors

  • The Ascension Guides

  • The Wayshowers

  • The Unifiers

afterwards. You can research more, if you'd like and this is important too, but it is through going within where you will find the real answers.

I truly believe in all of my heart that as time goes on, many of us will begin to connect with our star families more and more. This happens by stating to the Universe that you are ready and willing to connect with them, without fear. Trust your intuition and know that they are just as eager to connect with you as you are with them.

Be sure to always work in the light, for there are many false light beings out there who are more than willing to deceive you. If you are not sure how to protect yourself in this manner before meditating or channeling, you aren't ready. Be safe. Be smart. Most of all, walk in the path of the light.

What does a Starseed Chart entail?

This is not your typical natal birth chart reading. This chart does not discuss your lifetime here as a human being at all. This chart finds out which planetary system your soul originated from, along with any other incarnations you have had up until this time. The chart depends on the age of your soul. Many lightworkers and those who already know they are starseeds are old souls. No, they are ANCIENT souls. Starseeds have had many lifetimes in many different systems, planets and stars. My charts map out where you began, through each incarnation, up until you came to Earth. I will provide you with short descriptions of each planet or star, along with links where you can find further information. The most common incarnations occur in Draco, Orion, Andromeda, Sirius, Arcturus, the Pleiades, the Hyades and more. There are also "angel planets" and "healer planets" that will show up occassionally in a chart reading. As time continues, I am finding more and more smaller stars that help you identify your origins.  The largest chart I have done thus far was a starseed who lived on 

eight other planets before coming to Earth.  Occassionally, there will not be any planets in alignment and this is what I call an "Earthseed." This simply means you helped to seed and populate the Earth from the beginning and have never lived on any planets apart from Earth. If this occurs, I do not charge for these readings.

Why would you want a starseed chart?

First and foremost, I will always tell everyone to use discernment. This should not be a tool that is used to guide you with certainty, but to guide you to use your intuition and point you in the right direction. It is a tool to help you REMEMBER who you are and what you came here to do. My charts will help you determine what to focus on while you are on Earth. For example, if you are Andromedan, I will suggest that you work with Golden Light frequencies and try to learn light codes or light language. It is already in your akashic record. You just need to re-activate it and remember. Starseeds from the Sirius system would work with the Blue Ray and incorporate water into their healing techniques and work. Arcturian starseeds are more of a technological species, who also use dragon energy in their work. So you see, each race offers many different aspects to them and this may be affecting you in your current day-to-day dealings as a healer or lightworker. If you aren't using them, the chart may spark your memory or will point you into a direction you may have never considered. 

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Once purchased, I will follow up with you via e-mail about how long it will take for you to receive your chart reading.  If you have any questions about this service before purchasing, please go to the "Contact" page at the top of this site to send me an e-mail. I am no longer reading Messenger messages as they get lost quickly in a sea of many messages.

I plot each chart by hand as there is currently no known computer software out there right now that uses this system. If you choose to purchase an intuitive chart, you will have a section in your report that describes your lifetimes from the starting point in this Universe up until your time on Earth. I sit in meditation and allow it to come to me through clairvoyant images and clairaudient words. This may take some time for me to complete, so please note that charts are not a simple program that is run that you can have within an hour after purchase. I find it only fair to let that be known up front. Charts normally take me two to three hours a piece and are carefully and lovingly crafted so you receive my 100% energy and attention.

When purchasing a chart, please note the following in the PayPal instruction box or EMAIL these details to me using the Contact page of this website:

~ Date of birth

~ Time of birth (yes, it matters)

~ Location of birth (city and state)


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Chart With Intuitive Read


Although I do not feel it is all that important WHERE we come from in the stars, I can certainly understand why one would want to know their origins. As my spiritual path progresses, I see that my origins do not affect my mission here on Earth while I am here. HOWEVER, I do feel that finding out my origins helped me to understand a little more about myself in the process. I discovered why I have "fairy energy" and why I am sensitive to light and heat. I also discovered why I seem to be hard wired to expose the truth, no matter what. It is written in my DNA and part of where I came from in the stars.

So I caution that a starseed chart reading should not be looked at as an absolute means to finding out who you are. A chart is merely  a way for you to get a good base of knowledge about yourself. The ultimate work will come

I am currently taking a break to focus on my health. Please check back in the summer if you wish to have this service or send me an e-mail to be put on my waiting list. Thank you!