What exactly is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that helps balance one's "chi" energy or life force energy throughout the body. It helps align imbalances in the aura and surrounding energetic bodies of an individual. Reiki realigns energies in the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the aura. The practitioner lightly lays their hands on the patient's body, (or hovers their hands above the body if the patient prefers a no-touch session) while the attuned Master serves as a conduit for Divine Light healing through the hands. Jesus healed with his hands (Reiki) and we can all learn this ancient art as well as benefit from its effects.

Angie's approach to Reiki is a little more shamanistic in nature. She relies on her connection to the spirit world, the galactic realm and the elemental kingdom to search for, heal and eliminate problems within the body. Angie will sometimes use "psychic surgery" to see where these problems lie within the body and remove them from the body completely, in addition to healing with white light afterwards.  Angie has been trained in ReikiSound and uses these techniques in most of her sessions. She believes that sound, vibration and resonance are the basis of all living things and that we only become dis-eased when we are out of balance from our natural harmonic resonance. Usually, childhood traumas or negative experiences throughout our lives are a catalyst for disease. Disease is exactly what it sounds like - lack of ease. Trapped emotions play a huge part in our daily aches and pains, up to and including more complex issues like autoimmune disorders and even cancer. 

Have you been suffering from the same symptoms and diseases for far too long? Are medications not helping or working? Modern medicine is missing the mark because they aren't looking at the ROOT CAUSE of disease. Being put on a medication may control symptoms, but it is not necessarily curing anything. Medication is usually just a band-aid to stop the dam for overflowing. Mind, body and soul must be in balance and aligned for the body to truly heal and begin to transform back into health. Angie offers spiritual healing in additional to physical healing. If you feel you would benefit from this service, please mention it at your reiki session.

What can you expect from a session with Angie?

1. To save time for the healing session itself, please download this form to

fill out in advance. This is where you can briefly discuss any issues you

would like to address during the session, whether it be physical, emotional

or mental. She will go over this form with you upon the arrival of your first session. 

2. You will lay fully clothed on a massage table, covered in a blanket if you choose, listening to soothing music. 

3. At the beginning of each session, Angie will call in her guides and the ascended masters and healers to help assist her in her healing sessions. This will also involve


calling in your own personal healing and spiritual team as well. For Angelic Reiki, Angie will call in the Angels of Divine White Light. For Celestial Reiki, she will call in her Galactic Star Guides and Family.  To read more about Celestial Reiki, please click here.

4. Angie will "scan" your body to find "hot spots" or problem areas that may need to be healed within the body before starting the session.


5. Angie will then lay her hands on your body in a series of hand potions to deliver the Reiki energy. A Reiki session generally covers your head first, then the front of your body, and finally down to the lower portion and feet of the body. If you feel comfortable doing so, she will ask you to flip onto your stomach so she can work on the back side of the body as well. She will use the white light of reiki to heal any problem areas. You may feel a warm, tingling sensation while receiving Reiki. Some feel cool. Others feel nothing at all. We are all different and process energy differently.

6. Angie may ask you to actively help her remove disease from the body by asking you to visualize something through meditation and intention while she performs the psychic surgery.


7. For Angelic Reiki, Angie uses specialized tuning forks that resonate with the Angelic realm. For Celestial Reiki (which is very shamanic in nature), Angie uses singing bowls, tuning forks, drums and rattles.

8. She completes each session by making sure your chakras are balanced and if not, continues to work on each energy center until they are in complete synchronization.

9. Each session allows enough time for you to sit comfortably in silence for meditation when complete. (10 minutes)

Each session should be followed with plenty of water and clean eating for the energy to balance properly. Each person reacts to balancing energy differently. Some patients feel energetic the next day. Some patients feel sluggish and a bit sore. Remember that you are ridding your body of toxins and toxic energy. It make take time for your body to adjust. Many patients will also notice that they will have things come up in their lives that need to be healed and may have been ignoring. All in all -- it is all meant for the same purpose -- YOUR HEALING.

New patient form

All appointments running 15 minutes late or more MUST reschedule.

Multiple late sessions will result in a late fee and payment up front for future sessions.


Please contact me before

payment to schedule. I work

out of different local shops

between Hershey and Carlisle.

45 minute Reiki  session


60 minute

 Reiki  session


75 minute

Celestial Reiki  session