All mediums work differently. I'd like you to read over this before our scheduled reading so you know how I work and what to expect.


First, there is a difference between a PSYCHIC and a MEDIUM. Although I occasionally have moments of psychic vision, I would consider and call myself a medium above anything else. What is the difference? A psychic is able to look into your past, present and/or future and answer questions about love, career, finances and more. A medium serves as a bridge between the living and those that had crossed over. Essentially, they talk to "the dead." I put "the dead" in quotation marks because none of us ever truly die. We are all eternal energetic beings. Right now, we are all residing on the Earthly plane, experiencing life as a human. 

A mediumship reading is more about connecting with loved ones who have passed. Although they may be able to sometimes answer your questions about love, career, finances and so on, this type of connection is more about receiving a message that comes from your loved one.

Never be afraid to receive a negative message from a loved one who has crossed over. I truly believe that any medium that delivers negative messages from the dead are not channeling positive energy and may not even be channeling your real loved one. There can be tricksters in the Spirit Realm and it is important that your medium understands this and protects both of your accordingly before a reading.


You see, when we cross over into the Spirit realm, the ego falls away. We go back to a place of pure, unconditional love. All hurts, pains, biases and grudges have been released.  Spirit is no longer veiled from the truth as we are here in physical form. Spirit is able to see how we all played certain roles in our lives in order to help each other's souls grow, almost always through a contract that was laid out by all involved before they even reincarnated here. 

Sometimes you may not receive a message. I'm not sure why this happens. Please be assured that I will always be honest in telling you if I am not receiving any messages. Sometimes this happens because I may not be in the proper state of mind to connect myself. Perhaps you are not in the proper state of mind to connect. Sometimes, Spirit may not feel that you are ready to hear the message that they want to deliver. There are some people who I have been unable to read and they have told me that other mediums could not read them either. I suppose these people have protective walls up that are hard to penetrate, but I cannot say for sure. Skeptics are also hard to read because they don't want to believe and normally have boundaries in place before the reading begins.

Please understand that a reading is a two-way street. It requires both of us to deliver a successful message. I essentially connect with YOUR energy and YOUR aura, which will then allow me to connect with your loved ones. So I need you to be open, concentrated and relaxed. If you are distracted, I will pick up on that and it will be very hard for me to read you. 

1. Spend a few minutes before our meeting to get relaxed. Sit in a chair and breathe deeply. Say a prayer if you'd like. Ask God or your guides/angels to be present with you during the reading and that you wish to connect to any loved ones from the other side that may have a message for you.

2. Be SOBER. - If you are under the influence, I will feel it and I will stop the reading immediately.

3. Be alone. - I have tried many times to have readings with others while their kids are in the room or someone else may be there watching TV. Although this seems innocent enough, the kids normally distract the parent from giving me 100% of their energy and if someone else is in the room, I can normally pick up on that person's energy as well. The reading becomes confusing because I am then picking up messages for two people instead of one.

4. Don't tell me a thing. The more I know about you in advance, the harder the reading becomes for me because my mind already knows too much about your situation. I prefer not knowing anything so I do not have to try to decipher the difference between the images from Spirit and the images that have been put there from my mind through your conversations.

5. Don't force the reading by asking questions until the end of the reading. I like to give what I see and hear, first and foremost. Let your loved one speak first. Questions come second. There will be time.

6. A reading is like a dance. I prefer validation with what I am asking with a simple yes or no. Don't elaborate until the end. If I need more info from you, I will ask you. However, I prefer that your loved one give me the information about themselves so that I know, and YOU know, that I truly am connecting with them. They like to validate themselves so that you have no doubts.

7. There may be times when I am quiet. It's okay. I am just trying to connect. I see things clairvoyantly. Spirit shows me flashes of images; like a quick movie strip. Many times, I ask them to show me again if I do not understand. Trust the process. I'm still there, just thinking! ;)

8.) Sometimes we don't always get who we want to come through. I am not sure why this happens either, but I feel it is because whomever comes through has the most important message for you at that time. Which leads me to ...

9.) Be open to ANYONE coming through. I have had several readings in the past where my "sitter" (that's you getting the reading) was so dead set on one particular person coming through that they were not accepting the messages I was giving to them from a different relative or loved one that was coming through. Days would go by and I would get a call saying, "Oh my goodness, you were channeling my uncle the entire time and I didn't even realize it!" Which leads me to ...

10.) Whomever wants to come through will come through. I do not have control or have the power to call one particular person forward. I can try, but usually, if you want to come through and they know that, they will show up first. Remember, Spirit decides the message you get. Not me. 

11. Be mindful of the time. Most medium readings are an hour in length. I realize we would all like to talk to our loved ones forever, but readings can be draining, so I ask that you honor my boundaries.