Should You Believe in Hexes? Yes and No.

Updated: Feb 5

At the beginning of my spiritual journey, I did not believe in hexes or curses. I was programmed by the New Age belief system that nothing has power over me unless I allow it. I am an aspect of God and contain that power within. Nothing is more powerful than me. You must not only KNOW that you are the most powerful being, but you actually have to BELIEVE it -- without ONE SHRED of doubt. It is a test of ultimate faith in self and in God. This belief has helped me to easily fight off negative energies in the past. So why doesn’t it work all the time? As I have learned recently, nothing in the spiritual realms is black and white and we would be foolish to think otherwise.

I also know that negative energies feed off of fear and negative emotions and negative energy. So there is this constant argument in the spiritual communities that these energies only exist because we create them or because we ourselves are in a shitty place. But they also feed off of the light! So which is it then? For me personally, I, as well as many others, seem to experience dark attacks when I am at my HIGHEST. Hmmmm ... do you see the double-edge sword here?

The second thing we are taught in the New Age belief system is that nothing is true unless we believe it to be. However, I have noticed that the New Age community seems to only apply this to negative notions or the shadow side of spiritualism. For example, most New Agers believe in angels, yet not demons. They believe in channeling, but not possession. They believe in higher selves, yet ignore the concept of lower selves. They say negative energies don’t exist unless we believe they do. Again, is this naïve?

Through this belief, if the receiver does not believe in the hex, does that mean that the hex did not exist in the first place? If someone does not believe in God, does that mean that God does not exist? This belief also brings about a classic “chicken and egg” scenario. Which one came first? The belief? Or the consequences or energy behind believing? Things exist. It's just whether we pay attention to them or not ... or give them energy. So then I ask myself this: If someone sends me a hex, the energy is cast. If I don’t believe in hexes, where does that energy go then? Back to the sender?

Here is what I do know. There are all kinds of energies and entities (which are really just energy anyway) around us ALL OF THE TIME, both positive and negative. We live in a world of duality and the spiritual realm that we currently exist in also has duality. Just remember that light is a sliding scale. It's all light. It's just that what we deem "negative" is our PERCEPTION of what is negative. A "negative" entity is simply a being that has fallen so far away from the light that it has forgotten where it has come from. Perhaps it chose that on purpose. Perhaps it lost its way. We can all fall. To some degree, humanity has fallen. Yet we all have the capability to find our way back to the highest light through our own inner work. Someone who purposely hexes others to harm them has, to a certain degree, fallen away from a portion of the light because they have forgotten about our "Law of One" nature. This is also the BALANCE of nature. It is what it is. But it most certainly does not mean that the energy behind these people (or entities/energies) does not exist. Sometimes we even invite them in on our own free will ... sometimes without realizing it due to lack of knowledge of what we are calling in or simply hanging out with the wrong people.

Because we have been taught to question and disbelieve the hex phenomena in the New Age realms, it unfortunately, leads anyone who is experiencing a real concern to be ignored and blown off by their teachers and peers. If you are going to work in the metaphysical realm or be a mentor, you will have to accept and entertain, at some point, that these things could quite possibly be very real for some people. With 92% of the Universe being comprised of dark matter, 8% does not leave much room for the light. We must start being open to all of the ways that we can arm ourselves to do real light work without bias or lack of understanding of what we cannot see.

With all of that being said, please also understand that when we let ourselves get low enough on the vibrational scale, lower selves can make an appearance to force us to deal with something in our lives that needs healing. Lower selves showing up in my life have always been my built-in double-check system that I need to get my s&*t together in mind, body, and soul. However, when it came to lower selves, I was always aware and always in control. It was my fault when they showed up and I could control how they left through my raised thoughts, emotions, and healing.

Where is all of this coming from? My entire family jokes that they are cursed. All joking aside, I know that deep down, they actually believe it to a certain degree. And here is the issue … the belief. If we believe something to be true, we add energy to that dynamic … essentially CREATING it with our consciousness. Remember, we project our consciousness out in front of ourselves into reality. If someone tells you that you are cursed or hexed, can you walk away and not believe it with 100% certainty? Or will your subconscious start to play off of that 5% shred of doubt where you ask yourself, “Can this actually be real?” Unfortunately, our humanness normally has most of us falling into that 5% of doubt.

For a long time, I told myself that I refused to give energy to this dynamic that I saw my family creating. I watched my family go through illness after illness, car accident after uncanny mishap and misfortune. Meanwhile, I was experiencing the same things, but happily ignoring the same patterns within my own life. Most people would say, “That’s just life. Bad things happen.” I had one teacher tell me that this was all of my fault because I was not doing my spiritual work with integrity. REALLY?!?! Not the case AT ALL. This is exactly how our non-belief in the negative side of nature affects our clients and shames them when they are looking for serious help to a very real phenomena.

My a-ha moment finally came one day when a co-worker said to me, “Angie, I have never met someone so prone to such bad luck in my life.” It was in that moment that I realized others saw it too. Perhaps it wasn’t all in my head. I have been told this keeps happening because I am focusing on the negative. Again, not so sure that is true because bad things happen when I am at my HIGHEST. Is it just uncanny bad luck? No one can tell you what you are experiencing is real or not. I've come to understand that most people have NO IDEA and are only projecting their own beliefs onto the scenario ... making it that much harder for anyone experiencing it to find someone who is willing to listen ... or even attempt to understand. Those that experience this phenomena are often silent about their suffering because they have been shamed into believing it is all their fault. I'm not okay with this. This is why I speak about this openly. Some things cannot be explained. Not everything is always our fault or created by our lower selves/emotions, etc.

So where did this family “curse” come from? Was it real? Who cast it? And when? Does it even matter? Back in the days of our ancestors, hexes were thought to be very real and taken very seriously. Because even if we know today that hexes don’t have power unless we give them power, there is still part of the equation here that most people fail to consider … the energy and intent of the sender. When we talk about spells, curses, and hexes, what we are really talking about is ENERGY and the intention behind that energy.