Should Spiritual Practitioners Charge for Services?

I want to thank all of you for supporting me over the years. Many of you have been with me through several business partners, business names, ups and downs, and even through my own growth as I ride this spiritual roller coaster. I see you. I am grateful for you, more than ever. Not everyone is lucky enough to get the support that I get from you guys and I have been so humbled by realizing this today.

I saw a post this morning that turned pretty ugly quickly. This seems like an age-old argument now and to be honest, I am kind of surprised it is still happening. We are beyond this kind of thinking at this point. The argument was: Why do spiritual teachers charge money for services?

Many ask why I don't do this for free. Sometimes it is expected -- as if I am an on-demand service. I usually chalk this up to the fact that most people are not familiar with this realm and how psychics/mediums/spiritualists work. Most feel that all knowledge should be free and that a spiritual person should not charge. I have a few responses to this. One, the mystics and sages have been well paid from the beginning of time. Kings and queens welcomed their seers into court and supplied them with housing so they could live comfortably. In Rome and Greece, they were paid with gold. This is really not a new concept, but in today's financial climate, the working spiritualist is shamed for charging for their services. Why is this?

I believe it is because the spiritualist is meant to be humble. For some reason, we have put a negative connotation to money and charging for spiritual services seems to make people think we have perverted the practice. Then I ask myself, "What would Jesus do? What would Ghandi do?" Well, Jesus and Ghandi lived in a time where they didn't have to succumb to the world we are living in now. We are working to better our lives by getting rid of what enslaves us. Yet until that time happens, we can only work with what we are given. Jesus didn't have a mortgage. Ghandi didn't have student loans. Buddha didn't have to worry about paying for his WiFi so he could work from home. We are simply living in a different age.

To that notion, I say that it is simply all about viewpoint. Some spiritualists decide to take their work to a higher level. It no longer is just a hobby. It becomes a full-time passion. We are simply teachers. It doesn't matter that we are spiritual people. We are no less than the next person.We need to survive in this world too. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, we are still under the thumb of three dimensional ways of living and yes, spiritual people live under them too -- even though we would really love NOT to. Mortgages cannot be paid in crystals or by bartering services. The electric company won't keep my lights on if I do star charts for the whole team.

So what to do? Should I go back to doing everything for free? Should I go back to the corporate world and work for the man? Should I line his pockets? That also means that I am doing less work for the light and enlightening less people. My work and mission to raise consciousness gets put on the back burner because it makes others uncomfortable that I charge for spiritual services. This means THE MAN wins. This means that one less spiritual catalyst is NOT doing the work they were meant to do.

I actually do A LOT of free work. A LOT. My husband could tell you. It takes away hours from him, from my loving pups, and even from myself and my own self care. I do it because I love it and I love helping people. So yes, there are many many many times that I work for free with no expectations or asking for something in return. This is how it is for most spiritual people who use their gifts for a living. Often, that side of it goes unseen. Technically, we all have these "gifts." We are no more special than the next person. We just chose to turn ours on.

You must understand that when you are paying for a service or a class, that you are paying for the teacher's time, the books and classes that they took to bring you this knowledge, time spent with their own teachers and gurus to learn it themselves, time spent away from their families and also the convenience of bringing information to you quickly and easily that may have taken you hours, weeks or months to obtain on your own. To bring you a class for $75 may have cost the teacher well over $1000 in order to bring it to you. Factor in costs to keep an online forum, technology upkeep to bring you the class, and if the person advertises, that as well. It is no easy feat.

Trust me, I would LOVE to give everyone free readings, free classes and the like. I really truly would! In a perfect world, or the old world, I wouldn't have to worry about putting food on my own table and I could do such a thing. I hope that one day, we will get there. I ask that you think about these things before putting down a spiritual person who is trying to spread knowledge. I guarantee you that they are not doing it for the money. There needs to be an equal energy exchange. Most spiritual people will barter and trade. Yet sometimes -- sometimes -- they need to worry about keeping the lights on just like every other breathing human being on this planet. They are no exception and we need to stop treating them as if they are.

It's not our place to shame our fellow warriors of light by putting them down for doing their work. In fact, we should be lifting them up and pushing them to keep going. Support doesn't always have to come in the form of money. It can come from sharing their information on social media, to referring them to friends to simply saying, &qu