Angels 101

A lesson I would like to share throughout my experience this week is about ANGELS. We all have different kinds of angels and spirit guides. We have some that have been with us since birth and have helped us throughout our lives. We have some that come and go and some that we have called upon ourselves (whether consciously or subconsciously) to help with specific situations. Make no mistake though, you never walk alone.

Angels must follow one divine law - they cannot interfere with your free will. Therefore, if you need help, you must ASK FOR IT. Ask. Believe. Receive. It couldn't be more true. Believing is just as much a huge part of the equation as asking.

One thing we must all understand about our lives, is that we each create our own plan, or blueprint, that will help map out our next incarnation before even coming here. We our divine creators of our lives and we get to choose what it is we want to experience and what we want our soul to learn. Many people have a hard time comprehending this because they assume that we would choose a life without pain or death. What many fail to realize, however, is that while we are on "this side" of the veil, we have forgotten who we truly are and why we came here in the first place. The Creator is experiencing life through his children. So our primary reason for being here is TO EXPERIENCE, but we also came here to learn. Although never-ending happy and fruitful lives may seem like a dream come true, what would be the point after thousands and millions of years? What has your soul learned? Many blame God when there is a tragedy or a death, when in all reality, God has nothing to do with it. (If you haven't seen the movie "The Shack" -- this is my shameless plug to watch it.)

With that being said, it is highly possible that you chose the obstacles you face today, so that you could learn a particular lesson for your soul's growth. I'm not saying ALL obstacles are fated. The decisions you make from day to day determine your path as well, but life is a beautiful symphony of your divine "stage" and intermittent moments of happenstance. Sometimes I can look at my life and see certain people as "players" and certain circumstances as "scenes." It helps me see how my life does have a purpose and that there are hidden messages in everyone and everything. It is whether I choose to open my eyes and SEE it that determines whether I will be granted clarity or not.

Angels can and will intervene in emergency situations when it is not written into our charts/blueprints/soul contracts. How many have just "felt" they had a guardian angel protecting them from an accident? Or a bad situation? It simply wasn't your time to go. Or you were being protected by outside forces.

Yet I have come to understand that sometimes a death was written into my soul's contract because I wanted to experience it for my soul's growth. God knows, I did A LOT of growing after my dad passed. That is when my "switch" got "turned on" and my life has changed ever since. Although I am still dealing with terrible grief, I see how my dad's death was a catalyst in my life, as well as many other family members. I feel it was fated. It was HIS choosing to go when he did. And in doing so, he not only helped me to open my gifts, but he started a wave of healing generational karma within my family. It's not pretty, I can tell you that. But underneath all of the "human gunk" and emotions, I can see the divine plan as it plays out.

To make things even more confusing, we also need to see and understand that it may be the OTHER PERSON'S will or soul contract to cross over - either for their own growth or for YOUR growth. I am coming to find that many who have crossed over early or who are main antagonists in our lives are the ones who love us the most on the other side because they are WILLING to take on these roles that will cause you pain because they are helping you grow in the process. Pain is our soul talking to us and telling us we need to heal something -- and more than just the grief of someone crossing over. It teaches us many lessons if we are brave enough to stare the pain in the eye and deal with it and heal it.

The final thing I have learned about angels is that they want to be treated equally. They do not see themselves as any "higher" than you and do not wish to be worshiped in a manner that separates you from them. In fact, it is in this act of putting them on a pedestal that further separates you from them and their energy and being able to connect with them. There is no separation in the eyes of God.

So before you give up on your guides and angels, remember to always ASK them for help. Otherwise, you won't see a thing. BELIEVE in them and what you are asking. Be CLEAR and CONCISE about what you want. The more detailed, the better. Finally, treat them as your equals. Respect them, but know that you are all equal in The Creator's eyes. <3

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