How Finding Your Joy Opens You Up To Your Higher Self

As my spiritual journey continues, I have always known that doing things I truly enjoy and am passionate about are going to help me to raise my vibration -- essentially bringing me back into alignment with who I am truly am. I would dabble in things here and there that brought me joy or helped to increase my creativity along the way. I attempted to paint and well, that didn't go very well. So I moved on to make jewelry and sun catchers. It was fun and it was a great way to release stress, but these hobbies were STILL not fulfilling my deepest desire of true passion.

My version of true passion is something that brings you utter joy. It is something that you love so much that it brings tears to your eyes. You can't seem to be without it and it you have been, getting back to it comes naturally and easily -- like riding a bike.

I have danced since I was three years old, but when the time came to graduate high school, it was a huge decision to either go to college and do "the responsible thing" or go to dance school and teeter my life on being a successful adult dancer or spend the rest of my life in lines for auditions, which is a tough and unstable life. I chose college.

Do I have "what if" syndrome? Yes. Not at much as I used to, however. Because I began to see that all things happen in divine timing and planning. Would I be where I am today in my spiritual growth had I chose the secondary? Probably not. I like to believe there is a version of me in a parallel life, where I am dancing full-time and enjoying it. Yet I am happy that I chose this path. My eyes are open and I am awake -- for that, I am grateful.

As I get older, I realize that I need to bring some of that joy back into my life again. That giddy little girl that would get excited at the mere SIGHT of a dance floor needed to come out again. I needed something in my life that was going to touch my SOUL. Not just a hobby, but a longing. A purpose. So here I am, at 41 years old, standing on a dance floor once again. It's been about 11 years since I've danced. I danced on a team in college and danced a bit for a local semi-pro football team when I was 30, but when an auto-immune disease hit quickly after the first season, I was bed-ridden for years. Through many years of inner-reflection and healing of deep wounds, I began to get better and am thankful that I am even ABLE to be as active as I am becoming now. It has been a long, slow, arduous process, but it was also all by design, I have no doubt.

What I was not prepared for when I left dance class last night was the massive and almost instant upgrade I received when I agreed to take on my passion once again. My heart chakra grew ten sizes in one day. This then opened the rest of my chakras and increased my overall energy. My pain is gone and I am now more open to my guides and angels than I have ever been in my life. Within 10 seconds of leaving the door to the studio, I heard my dad's voice, clear as day, rooting me on from the other side. Up until this point, I had been struggling since he passing to truly connect to him. I could connect with everyone else's guides, why could I not connect with my own father? I WAS MY OWN BLOCK!

I believe we are all given specific gifts coming into each life. I also believe we bring forward gifts from previous lives. I see now that dancing was always, and still is one of my gifts -- not so much for other people to enjoy, but for myself. You see, I am a natural transmuter. I do this without even realizing it. I take dark/negative energy and I turn it into positive. This can get very tiresome and it drains the body if not properly dealt with. I believe this is why so many people with fibro and chronic fatigue have these issues. They are closet transmuters.

I was given the gift of dance to ground myself in a very strong way that cannot be done through meditation alone. It was almost as if my guides said, "Here, we are giving you this gift of dance to help you through this life because you are going to be doing a lot of heavy-duty energy work."

I have been meaning to take a class for so long and anxiety kept me back from pushing forward. If I had known then what I know now! It was an instant vision - an understanding - of why my passion IS also my purpose. I have said this so many times in the past, but never truly understood it and how a true passion can affect your life in such a positive manner. It is about so much more than just something you enjoy to do. It essentially is part of your energy and helps you enhance that energy while you are here.

With all this being said, I ask you one thing: What is YOUR true passion? Are you doing it? What is holding you back? Find the courage to take ONE DAY to reintroduce to yourself to something you once loved if you aren't already doing so. The clarity and openness that follows is amazing. If you are looking for an instant energy upgrade, this is a great way to do it. My heart is full and filled with joy and it shows and others can feel it. Can you imagine if we ALL did this? If I could gift this feeling to everyone I knew I would. In the meantime, all I can do is share this with you and encourage you to do the same. One day. Just try ONE day and see how it makes you feel.