The Sudden Onslaught of Discrediting Mediums/Psychics/Channelers

As I've said before, I dislike the word "lightworker" and other labels, but sometimes you need them to convey the message.

I am a trend watcher ... and I am not talking about shoes and the new spring fashions. I, for some reason, am accutely aware of "trends" and repeating patterns I see within the "lightworker" community. Let me tell you, I see A LOT of them right now and many of them are not good. One pattern, I like to call "parrot syndrome." It is where we pick up an idea or statement, take it as our own truth and then repeat it to the masses, who then in turn, repeat this pattern. I don't believe that many even realize they are doing it, but we as human beings, tend to follow what we see and hear simply to fit in. But do we really know ... I mean REALLY KNOW what our own truth is? Or are we just making it up as we go along because it is what we have heard from a gazillion other lightworkers on the same journey?

I have been offline a lot lately because I am trying to heal my own inner wounds of self-love and self-worth. Those wounds manifested in a way that had me constantly defending myself, even to complete strangers. I recognize now, that if I truly loved myself, I wouldn't care what others think at all. I'm sure the journey to recovery will not be short, but I am grateful that I recognized it, so I can now begin to heal it.

HOWEVER, I must confess that I did get into a confrontation with a friend the other night online. I have been friends with him for well over a year and through this quick friendship, I had seen him, repeatedly, put down psychics, mediums and channelers over and over and over again. To be completely honest with you, it angered me so much every time I read it that I could feel my blood pressure rise in my veins. But ... to be respectful, I kept my mouth shut. Everyone is entitled to their own opinon, right?

I am beginning to see this trend of bashing pyschics/mediums/channelers elsewhere now and it is increasing with speed. My thoughts? Parrot syndrome. Someone once said it, took it as gospel and now it spreads amongst the masses like wildfire.

Of course, I am biased, but let me point out one thing. The psychic/medium/channeler is a VERY important part of the healing process of Gaia right now. Just like an energy healer, crystal keeper, code breaker or even meditation guru, we have our purpose on this planet at this time. In particular, I am going to single out mediums. Mediums are HEALERS. No doubt about it! We are helping people connect to loved ones that have crossed over to heal emotional pain and blockages. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching a client unload years (sometimes decades) of guilt, worry or sadness in less than one hour or two. I cannot tell you how many times I have cried right along with clients because I could FEEL the level of healing that was occuring. Essentially, mediums are grief counselors to a certain degree. A huge portion of my training was on ethics and how to properly counsel those who are grieving.

Mediumship gives people a first-hand look into what many of us healers already know - that there IS so much more beyond this dimension and that there is more to this whole thing called "life" besides going to work and paying bills. A mediumship session not only connects them with their loved ones, but gives them a sense of a higher power beyond what they never considered before.

**Now, I must say that I DO agree that a person cannot rely on a medium/psychic/channeler to constantly obtain help or information throughout their lives. However, I think it is something everyone should do at least once in their life. I have many clients tell me that one session totally changed their healing process for the better. And it boggles my mind that other lightworkers want to find something wrong with that. A mediumship session is what helped ME heal faster from my father's death and in the long run, connected me to Spirit in a way I never dreamed of. I am very grateful.

So I ask for one thing. If you are a lightworker and decide to jump aboard the "psychic/medium/channeler bashing train," think about this first. We are all on the same team. Just like you, we are here to heal people and Gaia. A seasoned medium will always tell their clients to use their own DISCERNMENT when it comes to a reading and to NOT RELY on readings to run their lives. See readings more as a guide, and not a psychic road map on how to run your life. Only YOU can run your life as you see fit. Relying on readings is unhealthy. That, I will never disagree on.