Truth Bringers: Today's Meditation

Speaking the truth is a lonely path, but it is necessary for the betterment of human kind. You knew this coming into it. The truthbringers will be an enormous force that will begin to break down the block around our collective consciousness. We put this block there ourselves. No one else put it there for us. No one else can free us either except for ourselves.

Truthbringers: Going forward, if you wish to continue this path, you must accept that you are MEANT to chafe society. You are meant to make people question things, to shake things up, to go against the norm. Because the norm right now is not always necessarily right, and you know that. You feel it in your bones. And it is hard for you to ignore it. You truly are a spiritual mirror ... and sometimes people will not like what they see.

Accepting that this is who you are and what you are here to do turns REACTING to people getting upset with you for speaking what you already know, into being PROACTIVE about accepting this path as your mission.

You will begin to see that these reactions are exactly what you want ... what is needed ... what is your purpose. It means you stirred the pot. It means you planted a seed. And instead of reacting, turn with love and a smile and know that you did your job.

What happens from there is none of your concern. But it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you do it out of love and not out of projection of beliefs, opinions or biases. There are absolute truths that must be revealed. This can be done gracefully, without emotion. State the truth, leave the emotion out of it, walk away.

And always...ALWAYS...keep yourself in check. It is easy, as a truthbringer, to start thinking that you are always right. Be careful. Keep your ego at bay and always check in with your heart. Are you still speaking the truth? Are you keeping your preconceived notions out of the equation? If you can do all of this, then you have succeeded. <3

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