From Darkness to Light

As I begin gaining more clients, I have become increasingly aware of how much we as human beings, are afraid of our own darkness. We don't like feeling uncomfortable. We don't like feeling vulnerable. We certainly don't like digging up the things we thought we had long buried.

Sometimes, we may not even be aware that we have buried something until we come face to face with it, unexpectedly, through a spiritual awakening, or perhaps a disease that is forcing us to look inwards.

If you choose to heal through a spiritual/metaphysical path, you must be prepared. A true spiritual healer will always tell you that you have to face ALL of your BEing, both the light and the dark. In fact, it is going beyond our comfort zones where we will find true healing and change. It may not always be pretty. There will be tears involved. It mostly likely will hurt. Initially. However, know that once you dig deep enough into the dirt, you will find the core issue of your disease and you can now begin to heal it. Healing on this level, although harder than taking a magic pill, is completely worth the end result. This type of healing provides lasting results with so much joy and insight that no prescription can fill.

I think I speak on behalf of all spiritual/metaphysical healers out there when I say that you must come to the table ready to discuss things that may be uncomfortable for you. Please know that there is no judgement coming from anyone but yourself if you are feeling a bit under the microscope. In complete honesty, it is this overly harsh judgement of ourselves that has many of us in a constant state of dis-ease. (Lack of ease) However, because you will need to learn to let yourself feel these emotions, no matter how awkward it makes you feel, this is a great way to start the healing journey. Please know that it is OUR JOB to help you find those parts of yourself that you have kept hidden for way too long. If you have chosen to work with a shaman, even more so. We do this, not to hurt you or to put you on the spot, but to help you find where and when any energetic blockages may have occured and how we can work on them, together, in the future.

Many times, we look to modern medicine to give us a quick fix. It usually helps; for a short period of time. Yet, we still find ourselves struggling: depressed, tired, lonely, angry, etc. Pills and prescriptions are a temporary fix to a bigger problem ... a band-aid on a wound that just won't heal. This is because the original wound is still very much intact and festering, and sometimes, the longer you wait to address it, the worse the disease becomes.

I have gone through (and am still going through) healing of my own. So I speak from experience. I have been through this too. I can only hope that my first-hand journey can help you on your journey too. Yet I respect that each one of us is different and have had different paths in life.

If your first visit to a spiritual/metaphysical healer is a little too more revealing than you bargained for, I ask for one thing before you decide that it is not the path for you. Sit on the information given to you for a few days. Take ego out of the equation. Take out any personalization from the healer and from yourself. Ask yourself, deep down ... could this possibly be accurate? Am I being truthful to myself? Am I reacting this way because I may be afraid to face my own shadows? If you answer yes to any of these, please come back. This is exactly what we as healers are here for. And if you aren't ready, we can certainly work on the light until you are.

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