Starseed Circle at Big Oak Farm
Dillsburg, PA 
Saturday, August 29th
7 to 10 p.m.
Seating is limited to 30 people and we have already sold 15 seats! Be sure to reserve your ticket to the stars today!
Join your event hosts, Angie Whitsel and Brandy Yavicoli, for this exciting night connecting to the stars and the star beings! Held three days before the full moon, the energies will be prime for star gazing and ship calling. Yes, that’s right, we are calling in the light ships! Using Dr. Steven Greer’s CE-5 meditation technique, we will be actively calling in our star families to show us their presence in the skies.

We will start out the evening in a small circle around the fire, where Angie will discuss what starseeds are, how to determine if you are a starseed, and how you can potentially find out where you originate from in the stars. To get us started on this journey, we will discuss the star races who were present in Lemuria and Atlantis, giving you a foundational base of knowledge. These particular star beings are known as the “founding races” that created the present-day version of humanity. The starseeds who are present on Earth today are all connected to at least one or more of these seven root races.

Brandy will take over for the middle part of the evening to introduce you to her two crystal skulls that are connected to the Star Realms and the Orion Council. These beings are communicating through the crystal skulls to facilitate the highest transition to the New Earth and higher dimensional energies. They will share their wisdom with the group and answer questions.

We will top off the evening by doing the CE-5 meditation and then lay in the grass to watch the show! This meditation has been used across the globe by many UFO followers and spiritual groups alike. It invites in the energy to connect to the star beings through the heart with unconditional love and light.

Please bring a blanket or chair and water. Also, please feel free to bring your own crystals or crystal skulls to add to our star being altar, increasing the energy and setting the intention to invite our allies in the skies to sense us and join us for the evening. This event will last roughly 3 hours. This event will fill up fast, so please reserve your ticket now to claim your seat to the stars!

A little bit about the hosts:
Angie Whitsel has been on her metaphysical journey for just over a decade and runs her "mostly online" business at AngieWhitsel.com. She has always been attracted to the stars and has been studying starseed origin astrology, medical astrology, Mayan astrology, and the star being races for the past few years. It is her vision and mission to help the starseeds remember who they are by helping them figure out what their galactic blueprint was before coming to Earth and to help them connect to their mission, passion and purpose now that they are here.

Brandy Yavicoli is a professional Energy Channel working with multiple modalities, fields of energy, and energetic beings. She started her connection to the stars in high school and pursued a degree in Astrophysics and Theoretical Science in college. Since then, she has switched her focus to the metaphysical side of things, completed a degree in Metaphysics, and from there studied the cosmos through shamanism trainings and third eye work. She has enjoyed connecting to the stars through her strong connection with Star Being Councils and astral travel. She works with clients one on one and in groups both in person and online, you can find more info about Brandy at FeedYourSpiritLLC.com.

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