It is truly impossible for me to remember all of the classes I have taken up until this point. I only started to keep track as of late 2017. I add them as I remember them, so this list is ever-growing and not 100% reflective of all of my knowledge and skills. This is more to show how important it is to me to always grow, to always learn, and to always look for ways to enhance my current skills and knowledge base so that I can use it across the entirety of my work in both healing and doing readings or quantum healing sessions.


January 2019 - Kaballah 1 - The Kabbalah Centre

February 2019 - The Mysteries of the Tree of Life - The Kabbalah Centre

April 2019 - Ascension Academy 5-Week Course with David Wilcock

April 2019 - Harmonic Time and Mayan Astrology -

April 2019 - Medical Astrology - beginning Course 1 with Judith Hill

May 2019 - Your Electric Body - Tuning Your Biofield  7 week course with Eileen McKusick

May 2019 - Shamanic Reiki 1 with Brandy Yavicoli of Feed Your Spirit, LLC


July 2018 - Beyond Quantum Healing - Hypnosis Though the Higher Self with Quantum Healing, LLC

June 2018 - Working With Core Beliefs of "Never Good Enough"  (4 CE/CME credit course) with NICABM

May 2018 - Arcturian Light Healing Master Alchemist with Becky Kimes

April 2018 - Arcturian Light Healing with Becky Kimes

April 2018 - Arcturian Reiki with Becky Kimes

April 2018 - ReikiSoundTM with Lana Ryder

January 2018 - Angelic Light Healing with Pat Cassel


Most of 2016 and 2017, I co-owned a business called "Whisperers of the Realms" -- where we taught online classes,  held online circles, hosted guest teachers, did card/medium/pendulum readings and more.

March 2017 - Celtic Reiki I Class and Attunement with David Painter

April 2017 - Angelology Class with Doreen Virtue

May 2017 - Certified Spiritual Healing Course with Anne Elisabeth/The KERA Center -

(graduation still pending upon completion of course materials)


January 2016 - Certified Dream Medium Course with The KERA Center

May 2016 - The Light of Lemuria Reiki Course & Attunement

July 2016 - I was a guest tutor//teacher of the Fairyologist class through The KERA Center

August 2016 - Certified Spirit Adviser Course through The KERA Center

October 2016 - Divining With the Pendulum Course through The KERA Center


October 2015 - "Everyone is Psychic" Class Series with Rachel Grundon/Lux Convergence

Fairyologist Course with Doreen Virtue

Certified Medium 9-Week Online Course with The KERA Center

Shamballa Reiki & Attunement with The KERA Center/The Sacred Garden

Elenari (Fairy) Reiki & Attunement with The KERA Center/The Sacred Garden

Karmic Reiki & Attunement with The KERA Center/The Sacred Garden

Shamballa Reiki Course & Attunement with Becky Kimes

Tarot Certification Course with Whisperers of the Realms/The Sacred Garden 
Healing the Inner Child Online Course with Jenn Bovee

Healing From Shame Online Course with Jenn Bovee


December 2014 - Reiki 1 and 2 Course & Attunement with Debi Fegley


October 2013 - Initial DNA Activation with Shawn Cassel-Warnick, The Modern Mystery School

December 2013 - Awaken Thyself - The Modern Mystery School