JUNE 21st!

Classes meet

every SUNDAY

at 7 p.m. EST.

 Weekly 2-hour video lecture/class
•  A downloadable/printable PDF guidebook for each class
•  Weekly development exercises for homework
•  Access to the online Facebook group for extra support
•  Professional looking certificate upon completion of requirements (mailed)
•  One-on-one support with Angie via weekly live Zoom class meet-ups
•  Lifetime access to the Facebook group, to the videos, and to the class
   (Yes, graduates can audit the class again and again if they’d like!)

* Please note that this class heavily relies on using Zoom and Facebook. You must have access to a good WiFi connection for the classes and access Facebook regularly in order to keep up-to-date with class happenings.

•  I am looking for people who are serious and will show up to class. We will pair up for readings, so if people are missing, it actually hinders

   the other students. 
•  You must feel comfortable reading other people and having them read you. Everything is confidential and stays in the classroom when we

   do readings on each other. Don’t let this deter you or scare you away. Readings can be intimidating when you first start doing them, but the

   intention is to work on our fears and blocks together in a safe space so we can begin to find our confidence in doing them.
•  Every student will sign “an agreement” of the class rules so that I know we are on the same page before we begin.

Weekly PayPal Payments: $40 each X 9 payments = $360
Every Three Weeks: $120 each X 3 payments = $360
Two Monthly Payments: $180 each X 2 payments = $360
PAY UP FRONT AND SAVE!: $340 ($20 off!)

Please contact me to set up your payment plan invoices. You can start early!


We will alter weeks with live classes and pre-recorded for your convenience.

Week 1 - Sunday, June 21st (live)

Mid-Week Check-In (optional): Wed, June 24th 
•  Learn the course “mantra”
•  The “Clairs” 
•  Types of Mediums/Mediumship
•  Learning About Energy and the Aura
•  Homework: Watch the “Anatomy of Energy” video

Week 2 –Sunday, June 28th (on your own)

Mid-Week Check-In (optional): Wed, July 1st
•  Ethics and Morals of Mediumship
•  Creating Sacred Space
•  Meditation 
•  Connecting to the Astral Realm
•  What You Will Encounter On the Other Side
•  Homework: Create Your Sacred Space – 
   Continuing Connection Exercises
•  Quiz

Week 3 – Sunday, July 5th (live)

Mid-Week Check-In (optional): Wed, July 8th
•  Creating Boundaries with Spirit, 
    As Well As Clients
•  Making the Connection to Spirit – 
   Opening and Closing
•  How to raise your vibration before 
   doing a reading
•  Our first practice session in connecting!
•  Homework: Pick 2 people this week that 
    you don’t know and try to connect
•  Quiz    

Week 4 – Sunday, July 12th (on your own)

Mid-Week Check-In (optional): Wed, July 15th
•  Signs and Symbols
•  Other Ways Spirit Will Communicate
•  The CERT Method – The proven method to 
    help you deliver an authentic reading
•  Homework: Creating a symbol diary
•  Quiz

Week 5 – Sunday, July 19th (live)

Mid-Week Check-In (optional): Wed, July 22nd
•  Things That Block the Flow of Connection
•  Building Your Confidence
•  Getting Rid of Fear
•  Health
•  Emotional State
•  Integrity, etc.
•  Homework: Recognizing Our Blocks 
    and Facing Them
•  Quiz

Week 6 – Sunday, July 26th (on your own)

Mid-Week Check-In (optional): Wed, July 29th
•  Psychic vs. Medium – What’s the Difference?
•  Picture Readings
•  Remote Viewing
•  Psychometry with Objects
•  Scrying, Pendulums and Other Divination Tools
•  Homework: Finding Your Strength
•  Quiz

Week 7 –Sunday, August 2nd (live)

Mid-Week Check-In (optional): Wed, August 5th
•  Physical Mediumship – Invoking vs. Evoking
•  Practice Readings for a Bulk of the Session 
   on Each Other
•  Homework: Video record 3 readings 
    and submit
•  No quiz

Week 8 – Sunday, August 9th (own your own)

Mid-Week Check-In (optional): Wed, August 12th
•  Clearing Negative Energies 
•  Working with the Violet Flame
•  Working with Arch Angel Michael
•  Portals
•  Homework: Cleansing Your Home and Space, continue with readings
•  Quiz

Week 9 – Sunday, August 16th (live)

Mid-Week Check-In (optional): Wed, August 19th
•  Understanding the Grieving Process of Your Clients
•  Wrap-Up and Going Over What Needs to Be Done in Order to Get Certified

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